15 September 2009

Turning a negative into a positive

I have gone through a string of bad luck of late. With illnesses, mine and families, and joblessness my life has been a whirlwind of negativity. But in this chaos I have a few things. A few things you consider my "rocks"

1. My family:
What would I do without their support? My wife for just being there and keeping my head straight. She is going through a lot because of the job situation, or lack thereof but she is still there for me, for us, and for our family. My son can always make me laugh and sometimes that is all I need.

2. My friends:
I can't say enough about them. I am really lucky to have such close friends in my life. You know how usually people turn their back on you when you are down and out and that is really when you see who your friends really are. Well, lately it has been different. I have had an out pouring from people just wanting to help and be supportive. There are people that are new friends and people from the art community that have done what they can to help my situation. It really has changed the way I view the world. For that I am eternally grateful.

3. My art:

Lately I have been so very productive. I have been inspired. I know my shot will be coming and when it does it will be for my family friends and me. I know now that it is possible.

It really doesn't help to wallow and think how unfair and how bad your life is. Everyone has problems, some more than others. It is how we handle them that makes us better people. Being negative and stressed is tiring. I need to be awake for my family. I need to be awake for my friends. I need to be awake for me.

Stay positive

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Mike Exner III said...

Read your blog post and just wanted to let you know I'm pulling for you and your family, Drew. Sent you an email, but thought I should comment on here as well. For as long as I've been aware of your art I've known that you're good enough to do anything you want with it, and I'm glad that you're making the effort to surpass the stress and the self-pity and make something of it. If you ever need somebody else to talk to, my door is always open.