20 August 2008

So I was thinking...

that I have a few opportunities in front of me and I am at an impasse. Life is full of small moments that add up to larger ones and I think these may be the small ones that could make a larger one. Now I am starting to confuse myself. The main thing is I want to draw and make art my livelihood but art is a tough competitive business and tears at your constitution. Sometimes I wonder if it is ever going to happen but I keep working on it and hope to get better. I know I am rambling on but this is one of those things that helps make up your mind when you get all crossed and knotted. I think I know what I am going to do and I hope it's the right thing. Either way I am going to commit or be committed.

Thanks for listening

Best regards,

18 August 2008

Okay, I re-drew the first panel :D
It was buggin me:P

17 August 2008

Blade to the mutha effiin Witch

Okay, I was browsing some deviations on deviantart from the people I watch and I saw one by Tom Schloendorn (madman1) which featured some inks from a witchblade page that was for a top cow submission. I did some snooping and found a 5 page script. So, long story short I wanted to do it. I doubt the talent search is still going on but I think it will make a good portfolio piece.

11 August 2008

Warmaggeddon Commission

This is a commisison I did for L. Jamal Walton.
Pencils and inks by: (me) Drew Moss

The hardest part was getting the four-armed guy to be the focus and to take focus away from the dragon. I also wanted you to know the dragon was there and it was not just an after thought. After agreeing on a layout this is what we got.
Characters are (c) L. Jamal Walton