24 September 2009

Dream a little dream

A couple of nights ago I had the strangest dream and I thought I would share it to maybe gain some insight and share, what I think, is a hilarious dream.

My dream starts out on particularly nice day. I remember this because I was thinking what a particularly nice day it is. I was off to a new job I was starting. I was going to work for the legendary Dan Patrick and his radio show. I listen to this show every morning and not only is it entertaining but I get my regular sport fix. I have no idea what my job is I just know I am going to work for him and his show. So I get there and I am greeted by Dan Patrick himself and he was a super nice guy and we talked about a bunch of different things but one thing in particular he asked me was, “What made you want to do a job like this?” Now, like I said my real self has no idea what that job is but my dream self has a total grasp of what it is I am suppose to be doing. Here is where it gets weird. I start telling him about how I was inspired in childhood by the man with the 24 inch pythons, Hulk Hogan. I go on to talk about how his advice about how I should be eating my vegetables, doing my homework, and listening to my mom and dad was a huge impact on me. I told him I was a true Hulk-a-maniac. I real self is screaming, “What the F*@k are you saying?!” So after that conversation I go to my office. I sit down at the sweetest desk/ drawing table I have ever seen Seton from the radio show walks in and says Dan wants to talk to me in the far conference room. I get up and start walking to this conference room down a weirdly lit hallway. By weirdly lit I mean everything was sort of grey and misty. I get the conference room and it looks more like a banquet room set up with TV cameras and microphone equipment. It is really well lit with natural sun light and at a long table sits Dan Patrick and, you guess it, Hulk Hogan. The weird thing it wasn’t Hulk Hogan now but circa 1996 NOW Hulk Hogan in a black bandana, and a tuxedo with the sleeves ripped off because, I assume, nothing could contain the his pythons. He extends his hand and says “Nice to meet you, brother” I start to laugh and freak out I mean really laugh. I laugh so hard in my dream that I wake up still with the feeling of that intense laughter.

What the hell does that dream mean?

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